Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Project

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students create a DNP project in the final stage of their study. DNP Students must evaluate health outcomes. This often requires statistical analysis.

Most students struggle with data analysis for their DNP projects. That is why Dissertation Statistician provides statistical consultation and data analysis services to assist DNP students in producing high-quality data analysis results.

Example: Impact of Education on Tracheostomy Care Knowledge

The purpose of the statistical analysis was to verify whether the Tracheostomy Care Knowledge would improve after several educational courses.

50 registered nurses and nurse practitioners completed an online learning course. Their knowledge was tested before and after the course. It was possible to score 0 to 100 points.

On average, participants performed better in the test after the course. The mean score before the educational course was 70, while the mean score after the educational course was 89.3.

Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test was used to test if there is a statistically significant difference between values before and after. The resulting p-value was <0.05. That means that the difference is statistically significant at 5% significance level. The knowledge of Tracheostomy Care increased significantly after the online course.

Also, we evaluated the relationship between the years of nursing experience and the score.

The Pearson correlation coefficient is +0.816. It means that there is a strong and positive relationship between the variables. As the years of nursing experience increase, so does the average score.