Help with data analysis for dissertation

Dissertation data analysis

Dissertation data analysis forms the crucial part of the entire dissertation. If the data analysis is not correct, then the whole research project will fail. That is the main reasons why you need a good statistical consultant on your side.

If you need to hire a statistician for dissertation, make sure you hire an expert! As a professional statistics consultant for dissertation and masters theses, I provide complete dissertation statistics help for your dissertation methods chapter and results chapter. This includes – deciding the research methods, selection of data analysis tools, application of appropriate statistical tests and interpretation of results.

Since 2010, I have provided dissertation statistics consulting services to graduate students, academic researchers and professionals from all over the world: Australia, Canada, China, Czech republic, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States.

Hire me as your dissertation statistical consultant and I will make sure your research project will be a success!

How I can help with your dissertation:

I can design the research study and help you to formulate the hypotheses or research questions
I will analyze the data and use the appropriate statistical tests
I will interpret the data and explain the results
I will write the conclusions
I can provide full demonstration of how to interpret and report each type of statistical procedure
✓ I always make sure you completely understand the rationale behind the statistical analysis

Selected list of past dissertation statistics projects:

Chi-square test in pedagogy
Chi-square test was used to find the differences between these groups (students in different years of study and also between liberal arts and science studies curriculum).

Factors affecting flat prices – Linear regression
Using R, linear regression was performed to identify which of the examined factors affected outcome and how the outcome was affected.

ANOVA and Post-hoc tests in pedagogy
ANOVA and Post-hoc tests were used to determine, if there are differences between examined groups and to assess the extent of them when there are. The analysis was conducted in SPSS.

Logistic regression model in the medical field
Logistic regression and odds models were performed to identify factors that may have influence on the outcome variables of interest.

Questionnaires with ordinal variables
Several ordinal logistic regressions (OLRs) and one cumulative OLR were performed. The influence of individual independent variables was examined and the most significant predictors of the model were selected.

Models with numeric dependent variable
Linear regression models were chosen as a suitable method for predicting scores in performance tests. During the analysis, both numerical and categorical variables were analyzed.

Data analysis of online survey
Descriptive statistics and data visualization (barcharts, pie charts) in Excel.

Time series analysis of crime data
Step-wise linear regression was applied to find factors (economic, social and cultural) that best explain the changing crime rates in the USA over time. The report was delivered in APA format.

And many more…